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Freshness guaranteed

Most of the fish at Poisson Quality Fishmongers is “day-boat fish” which is fish landed by small boats and caught mainly on the south coast of England during short day and night expeditions However, to satisfy the increasing demand for exotic species , we souce a wide variety of fish from around the world.

Freshly caught, expertly prepared.

Freshly caught, expertly prepared seafood can be on your dinner plate within twenty-four hours of being caught. To get it fresher, you’d have to catch it yourself!

  • Freshness guaranteed – fresh daily arrivals.
  • Quality assured – our experts only buy the best.
  • Wide variety – from local to around the world.
  • Molluscs – squid, octopus or cuttlefish fresh and ready.
  • Shellfish – we have all your favourites from mussels to oysters to shrimp and beyond.

Service with a smile

Let us take the guesswork out of preparing your next seafood experience. Whether you need expert advice or a pre-prepared meal, Poisson can help you. We can get your selection ready for cooking, or cook it for you. Our services include free local delivery.

Poisson Quality Fishmongers provide expertly selected seafood, prepared to your specification by our experienced staff. Whether you’re looking for a fish steak for grilling or a boned fillet for frying, we’ll cut it perfectly for you.

  • Expert advice – from what to choose to how to cook it.
  • Prepared the way you like it – steaks, fillets, whole fish, boned or butterflied.
  • Perfect recipes – from family favourites to dinner party specials.
  • Techniques – no need for cooking school, we’ll show you how.
  • Pre-prepared – from simple to simply gourmet.
  • Planning a party – we’ll help you work out the menu.
  • Free delivery – local delivery is free.

Let Poisson be your guide to all things seafood. We’ll help you to make the right choice, show you how to prepare it, or prepare it for you.

For service and selection second to none, come to Poisson. We’ve got just what you”d expect from an award winning fishmongers; personal service by expert staff, and a huge array of products to choose from.

Find exactly what you want at Poisson’s

From fresh local fish to special catches flown in from around the world, you can find exactly what you want at Poisson. Our experts can guide you to the perfect selection for your next family meal or lavish dinner party.

When you don’t have time to cook, we have a wide variety of freshly prepared cooked foods to whet the appitite of even the most discerning palate. Let us make your next meal, whether it’s simple or simply gourmet.

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